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The amazing Story of ZPEEKY


… to be continued soon.


The year of change in the global economy carving possibilites for digital business models. During this year we built a first prototype of the so called Stage were speakers can get feedback from community members, our zpeeker, to harvest others experience and grow better and faster.


Another wonderful year to just do the same thought Albert. Newly arrived before the summer and also very importantly before the elections for the board members, Albert and Sebastian connected well with each other and joined together in the shared role as Vice President for Membership at the speakers club. For a full year both worked together (Sebastian sais Albert did most of the work 😉 ). During this period the idea arose and for the first time not so serious brainstormings have taken place. This is the very beginning of the idea of ZPEEKY.


It was wonderful year, the best to work on oneself, on personal development to become a better version of oneself. And for sure communication is one great way to make this reality while having great side effects in all areas of life. This is the year Sebastian entered the Toastmasters International Club after having tried a debatte club and finding his new passion. A strong start with learning as much as possible driven by an immeidate passion made this journey fun. It took time to overcome fears of standing in front of other people and talk freely without hesitations, but the walk was worth it.


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